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Looking for Cars For Sale in Costa Rica?

Experience our unique ways of test driving your new car!

Rent-to-Buy or Try-Before-You-Buy

Imagine if you could test drive your desired vehicle for three days before deciding to purchasing it AND what if you wouldn’t have to pay for the use of that car, should you decide to buy it.  Does this sound too good to be true?

We offer cars for sale combined with effortless buying; that’s us at Vamos Rent-A-Car and that’s how we do business -- where our customers come first!

Three Day Option...

At Vamos Rent-A-Car we understand the stresses that accompany looking for cars for sale in Costa Rica, lot alone buying a car.  We believe that to give you the opportunity to rent the car for three days and by having this rental fee deducted from the car’s price, should you then choose to buy it, gives you ample opportunity to judge whether or not the vehicle is suitable for you.  If you decide to buy the vehicle within the first three days of your rental, then the rental is effectively free!

...After Three Days

If you choose to rent the vehicle for a time period longer than three days before purchasing it, then you will be credited with half of the rental fee towards the cost of buying the car.  You have a new vehicle that you are sure about buying and a fifty percent discount on your rental fee; this is still a real bargain!  The time limit for the Try-Before-You-Buy option is 7 rental days.

Win-Win for All

Whether you decide to buy or not you are in a real win-win situation as you will either purchase a car that you are completely comfortable with or you will have rented a reliable vehicle at a highly competitive rate.

We believe that our clients can see the obvious benefits in this plan.  Buying a vehicle through a newspaper advertisement, or even a reputable car dealer, is filled with risks as you are entering an expensive business transaction with little hope of refund should the vehicle be somehow below your expectations -- on any level.  It is very reassuring to be able to test drive a car for more than a spin around the block to get the true feel for it and to check that it is operating well for your lifestyle and demands.

Cars For Sale Costa Rica

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Nissan Pathfinder
Gas Full Size 4x4
3500 cc - V6
Automatic Transmission

Cash Price *SOLD*
Powertrain Warranty 3 Months
Mitsubishi Montero
Gas Premium 4x4 SUV
3800cc - V6
Automatic Triptonic

Cash Price *SOLD*
Powertrain Warranty 3 Months
Mazda BT50
Diesel Pick-Up 4x4 SUV
Manual Transmission

Cash Price *SOLD*
Powertrain Warranty 3 Months
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