Vamos Around Costa Rica – Our Latest Photo Contest

Vamos Around Costa Rica Announces its Winners!

June 24th, 2011


If you’ve been following the fierce competition of the Vamos’ Photo Contest on Facebook, you’ll know how the standings for three individuals changed up and down within days, sometimes hours, of one another.

The 5 Finalists have been duking it out the last two weeks over who’s photo is more popular.  It has been a fun and exciting time to watch the voters, as much as the contestants, post comments back and forth.

In case you’ve missed the action, we’ve created a brief video including not only the Finalists, but also all the submitted entries — simply because it was fun to share what everyone had done separately, yet watch a cohesive, short story — or at least it did for me  😉

The original photos will remain online until Monday at which time the Wildfire application will close down.  Now to worry though as we are already planning for another Photo Contest!

The next time around we want to offer more prize packages beyond merely a rental car.  Our partners include hotels and resorts, private estates, activities and more, so start taking your pictures of Costa Rica and stay tuned for more details!

Our friendly competitions aim to find the best photos, combining the charismatic personality of the participants with the stunning, natural beauty of Costa Rica.  Yes, all photos need to include a major portion of the rental vehicle, just so that we at Vamos can verify that it wasn’t photoshopped or ‘borrowed’ from any other online stock photography source.  We try to keep it real.  😉

We thank you for participating in this event.  It was fun for us, we hope it was for you too and we’ll do it again real soon.  Thanks again!

Background Information:

In the year that Costa Rica has launched its National Plan for the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety, the subject of cars and driving has become a local hot topic.  The tired stereotype of Costa Rican drivers being careless and the highways and byways of the country being almost impassable is about to become a thing of the past.  It’s time to promote positive images of Costa Rican driving and we at Vamos have tried to take the first step in doing so by inviting our loyal customers to share their memorable driving shots via Facebook so that the world can see just how happy people can be on vacation in Costa Rica!  We hope you are/were one of them!

Vamos Rent-A-Car's Photo Contest Winner

Grand Prize Winner:
Mike for “Vamos saves Karen from el Mono Endemoniado

Second Place Winner:
Jake for “Motoring to Monteverde

Third Place Winners: 
Dana for “On Our Way!
Steven for “Stopping to See Rio Celeste
Christian for “Let’s Go Costa Rica with Vamos 4×4


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