News in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is not a big country and usually not so much happens here that would be headline news in other parts of the world – but if that’s all there is, then it’s news!  The recurring common news story is the fatal or near-fatal car crash.  Television programs can be interrupted for a live on-the-scene report from Canal 6 or 7’s roving reporter for a really gruesome collision.  Clearly, many drivers ring the press before an ambulance when they witness an accident!  If you are of a delicate disposition, you may want to avoid watching the early morning televised news – the sight of a dead body under a blanket with spilled blood visible could put you off your pinto!  Television cameras are nearly always present at the arrival of a shot or seriously injured person at the hospital, ready to film the person as they are carried from the back of the ambulance into the hospital doors.  Privacy?  You’re in the wrong place! Al Día and La Teja are the average Tico’s reading choice for a daily update of football news, busty scantily-clad young women, sensational and often horrific news stories and occasionally a brief mention of important events here and worldwide.  Stories are brief and simply written with big accompanying photos, diagrams and maps to help the reader to understand the details of the murder/death/rape that is reported.  Tabloid editors love to put a large photo of a crash on the front page of their newspaper with just a black strip across the eyes of the victim to protect their identity or dignity- lurid and in-your-face appears to be the style!  Cheap and widely available, these types of tabloids can be found in many countries in the world!  For those hoping for a more serious and intelligent read, La Nacion is the most popular of the non-tabloid daily publications. For an overview of the week’s news, with a focus on those stories of interest to foreigners living or buying property in Costa Rica, The Tico Times , is available in many stores nationwide on Fridays and is in English.  If you prefer more up-to-the-minute news, English online news are Inside Costa Rica, AM Costa Rica, and The Costa Rica News.

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