Freedom Of Expression Tops With Costa Ricans

The right to say what one thinks is the biggest advantage of living in a democracy such as Costa Rica, says 34% of the country’s inhabitants.

The results of the latest of a Unimer poll for the daily La Nación, with freedom of expression exceeded other values, access of all to meet economic needs (26%) and the possibility of voting to elect representatives (20%).

The poll takes in the answers of 2.400 people throughout Costa Rica and has a margin of error of 2% either way.

Unimer asked respondents to sort the most important to least important five values of democracy mentioned in the poll card.

The results indicate that those 24 years and younger and those over 40 and Costa Ricans who make up the lower and middle socioeconomic levels, enjoy most freedom of expression.

The appreciation of saying what one thinks is also higher among less educated citizens and inhabitants of rural areas within the Central Valley.

In terms of political preferences, the poll showed that those who said they voted for the Libertarian candidate, Otto Guevara, in February 2010, are those who gave less priority to the opportunity to express their views.

At the other extreme, those who most enhanced the importance of freedom of expression were more who did not vote or where not old enough to vote in the February 2010 presidential elections>

The poll also indicated that 13% of Costa Ricans view that “in some circumstances”  an authoritarian government may be preferable. This group identified themselves more with Otto Guevara and the Movimiento Libertario and the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC) and non voters.

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