Biggest Threat – Missing Manhole Covers

Missing Manholes, A Latent Danger In Costa Rica


Deep Pothole in Costa Rica

Everyone Has A Favorite Pothole...
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The good news is that potholes are no longer the worst thing while driving in Costa Rica! The bad news is missing manhole covers now are...

We would like to offer these safety tips to help you 'navigate' around Costa Rica:

  • Be careful turning corners (since many missing covers are near the shoulder/curbs).
  • Watch the actions (jerky motions) from other motorists, particularly those in front of you because there's a reason for it [usually].
  • Maintain ample stopping distance between the vehicle(s) in front of you.
  • If it starts to rain, try to find a place to pull over until the rain lets up, but be careful as where you pull over may be the worst spot on the entire road!
  • Choose a car model that sits higher with better/wider visibility; SUVs vs. coupes.
  • Get the best insurance from either your credit card company or the rental agency. Front-end repair is not cheap!

Vamos Rent-A-Car wants our customers to enjoy their hard-earned time off and not have to worry about Costa Rica's infrastructure.  Let Vamos take the hassle out of your ultimate vacation.

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