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At Vamos Rent-A-Car, we offer an exclusive "Rent-to-Buy" option so you may test drive our vehicles at your leisure and without any pressure from a sales person -- just your terms on your time.

This "Try-Before-You-Buy" program is very popular and has been 'adopted' by our competitors as well; however, we are the original, premier, customer service-driven rental car agency in Costa Rica.  Give Vamos a try the next time you are shopping for a used car.

This unique program is briefly outlined here.

  • Test Drive Any of Our Cars For Sale for up to 3-Days.
  • If You Decide to Buy, this Rental Period is FREE.
  • You May Extend This Test Period Up to 7-Days and if You Decide to Purchase the Vehicle, You Will Only Pay 50% of the Rental Charge.

Benefits for Those New to Costa Rica

For newcomers to Costa Rica, the benefits of renting or leasing a car before purchasing your own vehicle are evident as soon as you begin driving.  If you are comfortable driving in Costa Rica, beginning with a rental agreement will help you to make a more intelligent decision for which type of vehicle is better suited for you and your needs.  You may have thought a Sedan would be an adequate choice -- that is until you attempted to dine at a mountainside restaurant or head off across a secluded beach.

On the other hand, perhaps your rental period will help you decide whether a powerful 4x4 exceeds your daily demands.

In each of these situations, nothing has been lost as you'll simply pay a very reasonable rental fee for the time that you have driven the car and you are not faced with the difficulty of trying to sell an unsuitable vehicle after a rushed purchase.  Everyone comes out a winner!

"So Why Should I Buy from Vamos?"

Cleaning Car For Sale - Engine

Deep Cleaning Car For Sale

Cleaning Car For Sale - Seats

Custom Steering Wheel Cover

Nice Touch on a Car For Sale

Buying a car from Vamos has many advantages over purchasing from alternative car sales.  To buy a car in Costa Rica isn't always easy or completely honest either.  Our reputation is on the line, so we only sell high-quality, smooth and efficiently running cars, as our customers expect nothing less.

Our vehicles are meticulously maintained and this servicing is carefully recorded for your reference, so that you may continue your car’s high reliability; plus, it also increases its later resell value.

Before you are given the keys to your newly acquired vehicle; it will have pasted a comprehensive, fifty-five point inspection.  This careful and systematic approach of preparing our vehicles for you guarantees that nothing escapes our eyes and even the smallest flaw will be rectified.

From locks to lighting to lug nuts, belts to brakes to bumpers, our review is thorough and designed to verify that your vehicle is as factory new as we can make it.  Our mechanics stop at nothing to ensure that your new car is in tip-top shape!

While we are on the subject of extreme detail, we go even farther than anyone ever should in the car sales business.  Your new vehicle may not be brand-new, but it can still feel and smell as if it just rolled off the production line.

Over the course of 16 to 20 hours, our staff dismantles the entire interior of the car -- from seats to door panels to headliner to carpeting -- and gives the car a deep cleaning.  Every last grain of sand, dust bunny and spare coin is removed from every nook and cranny.  It is a beautiful sight to behold and it is a LOT of extra work, but we do all this to give you an immaculately clean vehicle -- plush panels, fine finishes and sparkling surfaces.  It is our hallmark to our superior dedication to quality and over-delivering on customer satisfaction.

To top it off, Franklin, our upholstery tailor, will custom fit and sew a brand-new steering wheel cover -- just for you!

The Best Warranty in the Country

We are so confident in the top-notch condition of our vehicles that we are happy to offer an additional two month's warranty over what is required by Costa Rican law, as well as what our competitors provide.  We offer a three month warranty on the powertrain and transmission of any vehicle purchased from Vamos Rent-A-Car.

Should any problems occur with your vehicle within the first twelve weeks following your purchase, we will be pleased to provide you with a free, substitute vehicle while your car is being repaired at our facilities -- you're only expense would be to pay for the insurance on the 'loaner' car.

We will repair any issue that you may have with the powertrain system due to mechanical failure, but not abuse, or misuse of the vehicle.  Our knowledgeable and highly-trained, in-house mechanics will work to resolve the problem(s) since our staff is looking for a solution and not just easy profits, so you'll know that your new vehicle is in safe hands and will be carefully and competently repaired.

We are a well-established and successful company due to the high quality of our vehicles and our customer service.  We welcome you to put us to the test!

"What's Covered Exactly?"

The powertrain system warranty includes the following components:


  • All internally lubricated parts including: pistons; piston rings; piston pins; crankshaft and main bearings; connecting rods and bearings; camshaft and bearings; timing chain or belt; timing gears; intake and exhaust valves; valve springs; valve guides; oil pump; push rods; rocker arms; rocker arm shafts; hydraulic and solid lifters.
  • The engine block and heads are also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components.


  • All internal parts: torque converter; vacuum modulator and mounts.  Does not include clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throw out bearing; worn synchronizers; cables or electrical items. 
  • The transmission case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered items.

Drive Axle:

  • All lubricated internal parts contained within these housings: differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing, as well as the axle shafts.

Water Pump:

  • Impeller shaft; bearings; bushings and housing.


  • Internal parts: vanes; shafts; bearings and housing if damage is caused by a Failure of a covered component.

Transfer Unit 4x4:

  • Internal parts including: bearings; bushings; sprockets; chains; sleeves and gears (excluding electrical items).
  • The transfer case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components.

Seals and Gaskets:

  • Seals and Gaskets are replaced only as part of a repair or replacement of the above covered components.
  • Leaking gaskets or seals are not covered.

Unsolicited Testimonial

The best place in Costa Rica to purchase 4x4 vehicles...

I want to explain why Vamos is so awesome. This place...Vamos Rent A Car is located in Alajuela near the airport. I bought my 4Runner from them and they were absolutely fantastic to deal with. I have owned so many cars here in CR and have bought several for clients, gotten them checked out and approved by a mechanic, only to find out a week later that the car is a piece of junk and needs a million dollars of work.

After years of living here, I was finally willing to upgrade to a nicer car that had A/C and would be more comfortable for clients... a car that would actually run and not give my clients whiplash, heatstroke or leave me stuck in the jungle... I did not want to spend more than 10k as my type of work has me on the road a lot through jungles, rivers and everything in between. Spending anymore $$$ seems to be a waste. I was dreading for months buying a new car because of my past experiences. This was the first good experience that I have had so that is why I want to share it with everyone.

I actually found them on Craigslist, but do not think they use it or even advertise the sale of their vehicles anymore... you kind of just have to know they do it. Anyways, I was looking for months for a new car and saw all of the vehicles they had and the prices on Craigslist, etc and ended up going to their place in Alajuela. All I can say is that it was a blessing.

From what I understand from the George the owner is that they only buy cars that are between 2 to 5 years old for the rental business. He does this as he can rent them out cheaper and they are less targeted to get broken into and stolen. They do not stand out like the typical rental cars agencies normally offer to tourists. Whatever he is doing... he is doing it well as I have seen their business grow over the past few years and when we try to send them rental clients they are always booked. He has a huge property that the business sits on and has his own maintenance staff on-site. From mechanic, painting, body work, ac guy, tires, everything a car could ever need. They keep excellent maintenance records as the cars are all part of the rental business so therefore must be well maintained and run well. He is also always selling the inventory to keep the cars fresh and not run down from the rentals.

This time of year is the best time to buy as it is in the slower season and there are usually more cars to check out as they are not all rented out (and possibly he is more motivated) to sell at better prices. The prices he puts on the cars are very fair, but I can say they are also negotiable. I bought my car from them in June ’10 and it has been awesome... not a single problem other than the typical maintenance that needs to be done due to the roads in the beach area where I live. I spent 10k on my car (it was advertised on CL at 12 or 13k) I always see the similar model/year being sold around $16-18k.

They even let me rent it for a few weeks so I could see if I liked how it drove to check if there was anything I wanted them to fix. The amount of money that I spent on the rental was applied to the purchase price (except the insurance which I think was around $150). It worked out great as when we went to overseas last year for my b-day, I brought the 4Runner back, paid a small deposit towards the purchase and I asked for new seat covers, better rims, a better stereo and a touch up on a small scratch in the paint (minor things), and the RTV was also due in a few months. When I got back from my trip 10 days later, the car was ready with everything done and they even picked me up from the airport. We did the transfer with Rafa (my atty) in their office and I paid the balance... Super easy!

I have had my car for over a year and drive more than most people on the craziest roads and back and forth to SJ and it has never broken down on me. For my biz, I keep records of all of my vehicle expenses over the years and I actually pay less now than before. Before when I had less quality cars that were always breaking down and with all of the other expenses such as RTV, insurance, Marchamo, gas and for my quad, I was spending a million dollars just to keep them running so I could work... and not to mention the lost time/work I had when they were always breaking down. Now because I am not always fixing my car and being without it 1/2 of the time, I can actually afford to maintain and take care of it, keep it legal with RTV and Marchamo and put gas in it! It’s the little things in life. Haha.

I have also had a few clients who have now purchased from them as well. (I have only heard positive feedback). I will definitely continue to send clients there way... They better stock up on their inventory!

Christina Sherman
Tropisphere Real Estate


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