Bungee Jumping Costa Rica Style – Unique Variations

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica


Bungee Jumping Against a Beach in Costa Rica

Kowa-Bungee Dudes!
Photo Courtesy of Pacific Bungee

Feeling a little crazy?  How about daring?  Combine the two and you've got bungee jumping!  Don't 'Walk like an Egyptian', when you could 'Bounce Around like a Piñata' instead!  Costa Rica offers you safe, yet unique, jumping options as an exciting part of your tropical trip!

Bungee jumping is not for the faint-hearted.  To throw yourself from a great height, saved from certain death by only an elasticized rope takes courage or lunacy or both!  Fortunately, if you do fall into one of these categories, you will find Costa Rica is the perfect location to propel yourself into the air (and back again)!

You can take a traditional bungee jump or try a variety of twists on the same theme.   The impressive-sounding Rocket Launch is a human catapult that will propel you from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds.   Now we're talking velocity!  The Big Swing boasts a 85 foot free-fall combined with a 157 foot arch for a 180 degree angle swing!  Should you need even more excitement and variation, why not bungee into the water or even try a jump at night?

Costa Rica’s pleasant temperatures and breath-taking scenery make bungee jumping here far more enjoyable than the traditional opportunity to jump from a crane in a parking lot in say the US, Canada or Europe.  A huge additional bonus is the cost – you can bungee jump here cheaper and without any compromise to your safety.  Why pay a small fortune at home for an adventure of a lifetime when you can pay less to have it in the sun?

Where To Go:

The 2 best places to get your 'ups and downs' are listed for your convenience:

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The Old Rio Colorado Bridge, Naranjo:  A picturesque setting for your leap into madness!  Your first jump will cost you $65, but your second – and of course, you’ll want a second jump! -- will be at a reduced rate of $30, that is if you jump with Tropical Bungee.  Should you wish to make bungee jumping a regular pastime, why not join their 'Addict’s Club' for even more discounts?

The two great benefits of jumping here are: the location is only 45 minutes from San Jose, making it an easy trip from the capital.   It's so close in fact that the company doesn’t even charge jumpers for transportation -- very cool!   Non-jumpers should expect to pay $10, but the scenery is stunning and well worth the experience while the other 'crazies' in your party go jumping!  What better backdrop could you ask for in your bungee jump snapshot, than miles of green forest?  Tropical Bungee is approved by the North American Bungee Association.

Jaco:  Jaco is THE place for wild and wacky jumps!  Originally located in Arenal, the company changed its' name to Pacific Bungee now that they are operating at the surfer’s paradise.  For $50 a jump, you can brave the challenges of the Rocket Launcher and Big Swing or a jump into the water or the ultimate – a jump in the dark!

Check out their package prices and yes, there are people who want to jump again and again.   Their information may be found on their website.  Pacific Bungee is also approved by the North American Bungee Association.

Diving Off a Bungee Tower in Costa Rica

Love at First Dive!
Photo Courtesy of Pacific Bungee

What To Bring:

  • Comfortable clothes:  Wear something that will allow the harness to fit over them; otherwise, you'll be changing in the parking lot. ;-)
  • Secure Shoes:  Preferably those that tie or velcro on.   No flip-flops please.
  • Clean Bill of Health:  Potential jumpers should not participate if they have a heart condition or existing back and/or neck problems.  If you have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before jumping.

What To Avoid:

  • Revealing Clothes:  Skirts, dresses or any other clothing items that may reveal more than you may wish to – especially if you're wet and/or flinging through the air.  Lycra/Spandex does wonders, but not at 60mph!
  • Chewing Gum:  A potential choking hazard for jumpers!
  • Heavy Meals:  Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but not if you're going bungee jumping!  Think of the old rule – wait an hour before swimming.  I'd wait more like an hour and a half, but it's your stomach! [and clothes]

To address any safety concerns, consider that the clients of these two companies have nothing but praise for the professionalism their staff has shown and the safety procedures utilized.  To see more reviews, see an independent website such as Trip Advisor and read what others have posted.

Since bungee jumping was first introduced into Costa Rica in the early 1990s, there have been no serious injuries or deaths reported in the sport.

So if screaming adventure and heart-pounding fear are essential elements to your vacation, then look no further! Bungee jumping is your answer. Costa Rica can offer you safe, yet unique, jumping options as an exciting part of your tropical trip!

Looking for some excitement on your vacation?  Consider taking up bungee jumping for an afternoon adventure at either of these safe Costa Rican companies.  For your own safety and enjoyment, we strongly advise booking tours with reputable and experienced companies with proven safety records and well-maintained equipment.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

See Costa Rica Upside-Down!
Photo Courtesy of Pacific Bungee

Big Swing by Pacific Bungee

Go for a swing on the Big Swing!
Photo Courtesy of Pacific Bungee


For More Bungee Jumping Videos in Costa Rica, check out what YouTube suggests at the end of this video!


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