Breakfast Celebrations – the Fifth Gallo Pinto Festival!

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What is to the Costa Ricans as ham ‘n’ eggs is to Americans?  Gallo Pinto, of course!

The tasty and filling breakfast staple of Costa Rica is a mixture of rice and beans flavored with cilantro, sauce and seasoning.  Accompanied by cheese, sour cream, eggs, sausage, avocado and/or fried ripe plantain, the dish is a healthy first meal of the day.

‘Gallo Pinto’ translates as ‘painted’ or ‘speckled rooster’; a name suggested by the appearance of the black beans against the white rice. A firm Costa Rican culinary tradition; the Municipality of San Jose wants it to stay that way! To that end, the fifth Gallo Pinto Festival is organized for this Sunday, 18th March in San Jose’s Paseo Colon.

Chefs are busily preparing for the 100,000 plates of pinto that will be served during the celebrations with nearly 4,000 pounds of rice, 3,300 of beans, about 3,000 pounds of onions, 44 pounds of salt, 100 pounds of garlic, 55 pounds of cilantro and a whopping 160 gallons of cooking oil going into the pots and pans.

The day of festivities begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. with street parades, folk dancing and live music promised to spice up your pinto!  The Festival is sponsored by Torre Fuerte International and all the activities are free.

p.s.  Who says Costa Rica isn’t powered by natural gas? 😉


Reporting by Sara Ford
• Freelance writer for Vamos Rent-A-Car


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