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About Us

Who is Vamos Rent A Car?

Vamos Rent A Car is a reliable, successful and growing car rental company, with offices in San Jose, Liberia and Dominical, Costa Rica.  We offer well-maintained rental vehicles at competitive rates, backed up by personalized customer service.  Since we experienced Costa Rica the first time as a visitor in need of a rental car, we know what customers expect!

The Vamos 4X4 Team
The Vamos Rent-A-Car “Family”

Our History

Originally there was no intention of starting a car rental business, only to a rent a 4x4 vehicle for a longer period of time...and at a fair price!  We did our research, visiting offices of major car rental franchises, comparing rates from the internet, calling individuals that were renting their cars through the classifieds -- everything.  Yet, we failed to find one that met our expectations of fair pricing, quality vehicles, and actual customer service.

We realized that there must be other visitors in need of a rental car, having similar expectations. In hindsight, this was the seed that started the present concept.  As of the beginning of 2013, we operate a fleet of over 130 rental vehicles (we are adding more), and an ever-growing number of repeat clientele that we know by name.  Not bad considering where we started in December 2004...with just one car.  See our Company Wiki page for more details.


Why Costa Rica?

Our first impression of Costa Rica was that of a peaceful country, surrounded by friendly people, enjoying economic stability.  The perfect recipe for a successful and happy life.  This impression is still with us and we enjoy living here.  We hope that you share these same impressions of Costa Rica and enjoy your time in Costa Rica!


Why is Vamos Rent A Car successful?

The customer is king.  This is not a trivial statement, rather a philosophy!

No hidden fees.  Unlimited mileage.  The price offered is the price you pay.  Unlike other rental companies, we add no additional fees at the counter; such as taxes, airport charges or additional driver fees.  With us, you will receive a cell phone with every rental, complimentary for you to contact us for any assistance, a free baby seat (why pay for it) and a cooler to keep your beverages cold.

If you wish to use the supplied cell phone for personal calls within Costa Rica, we will charge you only $5 per day or $ 25 per week for unlimited phone use.  We guarantee that your vehicle is equipped for your needs -- like a child seat, a cooler and/or a roof rack.  All these extras are free, so your trip is safe and comfortable.  To ensure availability, please ask for these complimentary items when making your reservation.


How we offer such competitive rates?

Compare our prices with other established car rental companies, our rates are up to 60% less.  Cars are almost twice as costly to purchase & maintain as in most industrialized countries, since they are subject to 50 - 80 percent import tariffs.  Please read our blog on car import duties for more info.

We can offer such savings because we purchase cars that are typically two years of age and remains in service over the next three years.  Before each rental, every vehicle is inspected and any needed preventive maintenance is corrected.  We pass our acquisition and insurance savings on to our customers.

It is our goal to have satisfied customers who will pass-on their positive impressions to family, friends and acquaintances.  So far, this concept is well in fact that several of our competitors have “adopted“ our business model as well.


How do we work?

Our team receives continuous customer service training, with an emphasis on such values such as honesty, integrity and fairness in all areas of Life.  Our staff fully understands the importance of satisfied clients, since the power of positive word of mouth builds trust.  We understand that our customers are web savvy -- well-informed and comparing rates and reviews online.

"Everything was awesome!  My parents and cousin had a fantastic experience as well.  I even forgot my credit card and the fellow who picked us up at the airport ran out onto the highway to catch us before we got too far.  Geez!  Crazy guy!  But he found us and we got our card and took him safely back to the office.  LOL  Now that's service!  :)"

Lisa H. July 27, 2013

How can you find us?

We are easy to find!  Our main office is located less then 3 minutes from the San Jose international airport (SJO), we are actually 750 meters from the airport perimeter, located in a business district.  Please click this link for the exact addresses, Google Maps and GPS co-ordinates of our main and branch offices.

You may contact us by telephone by dialing 1-800-950-8426 or international direct by + (exit code) 506-2432-5258 and speak directly with a representative of our company in Costa Rica.  Alternately, or if it is after hours, please send us an email to or use our Live Chat page.

Your opinion is extremely importance to us.  We continuously strive to optimize our customer service.  Please let us know your general impressions before, during and after your rental, so that we may further improve.

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